If A Monkey Takes A Selfie, Who Owns The Copyright?

So a macaque picked up an unattended camera from a campsite in Indonesia…  (sounds like the opening to a bad joke, but it’s not.) The photographer was amazed to return and find his gear being played with by several of these primates… Of the hundreds of blurry and random images taken by the macaque one picture stands out in particular. This “selfie” has now made its way to Wikimedia where they attest that the image is free to use share or modify as we cannot assign copyright law to a non human since the photographer did not take the picture himself.  The Photographer claims he has (copyright/revenue) rights as it was his equipment.  “That trip cost me about £2,000 for that monkey shot,” he says. “Not to mention the £5,000 of equipment I carried, the insurance, the computer stuff I used to process the images.”

What do you think?

Read an NPR Story here



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