Denial of Service and Takedowns

Did you know that for a small fee ($10.00/mo.) you can perform a legal “stress test” on a website to make sure it’s robust and can handle an attack?

Did you also know you can even perform this so-called “stress test” on a competitors website effectively knocking it offline?  Can you imagine knocking a competitor off-line during a video game competition, or improving your chances in an online auction? Well, these services exist- and they’re legally operating… so far, providing its clients with unended Hacker Bragging rights.

While DOS attacks are not noes, they are expanding rapidly and these “service providers” are making it easy for everyday users to perform tasks once relegated to sophisticated hackers.

TWBOOTER- … Administrative Network Stresser Tool. “Without doubt the most effective powerful network tool”

ABSOBOOT-  Responsible for a NASTY takedown on a trusted source of information on internet and cybercrime..


Teaching Kids How To Market Themselves:



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Today we discussed how to expand our “circles of influence”- what programs, applications or social media might we use?  What are the tools required to “spread the word” to get more traffic directed to our blogs?  These are the tools any smart entrepreneur will use to promote a business, service, point of view or new idea…

Which spreads faster, a human virus or a computer virus?

Groups of human beings and computer networks are both dense populations, attracting and transmitting viruses more readily as their population increases…

This is the subject of a case study done in England on a virus that was released into the wild called “Chameleon” which hit WiFi Hotspots and spread like the common cold.   Yes, you can catch it!

The full study on the detection and analysis of the virus was published in theEURASIP Journal on Information Security.