HHS Students To Visit Mercedes Factory In Stuttgart Germany

We have seen the rapid uptick in 3D prototyping technology over the last year or so… But, did you know Mercedes has been using it on F1 race cars for years? Mercedes uses it to fabricate scale models for wind tunnel tests, rapid prototyping for spare or upgraded parts, 3D printers can even used to replicate missing parts for vintage automobiles…

In fact, Germans are 3D printing an ENTIRE automobile chassis  http://www.wired.com/2014/03/edag-3-d-printed-car/

HHS students are participating in a German cultural exchange program beginning June 19.  On July, 1,  Haverhill High School students led by Mrs. Simblaris (German) and Mr. Lienhard (STEM Academy/ Technology) will travel to Stuttgart to see the Mercedes factory first-hand.

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