I love Saturdays

Sleep in, go for a walk, be outside, breathe fresh air, sit, rest, repair, rejuvenate, postpone, forget, relax, unwind, detox, forgive and forget.  Aaaaah, I live for Saturday.


Let’s teach Kids to be Entrepreneurs!

We should encourage out-of-the-box thinking.  Praise the energy and spirit of creativity- don’t squash their dreams. The kids who “suck at school” can grow to be great leaders.  It’s happened time and time again!

A day of remembrance- on the is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK

A day of remembrance- on the is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK

Eternal Flame

Travel is the universal teacher…

Do you want to know more more about a particular culture or region?  Why not go there.  instead of searching for images or videos or reading interesting articles, go.   Food, music, culture, the sights smells and tastes of your destination create the growing mosaic of your world view.  If you have a limited budget or time you dont have to travel far. Want to pick and taste a fresh orange?  A bus ride to Florida is relatively inexpensive. Tropicana offers free tours!    If you love slow cooked smoked ribs and country music, Nashville is like Mecca of the country music BBQ scene. Check out The Music City Festival and BBQ championship!  Toronto has the largest Asian population outside of Asia!   7 hours by car from Boston.   Now that’s a “Chinatown” worth experiencing…   Try it, you’ll like it!

North Koreans can’t see my student’s great work…

Of the 24 million citizens, very few (the elite) have internet access- the radios and televisions are all pre set to receive government only broadcasts…  The physical internet (the wire) comes through China who profits from minerals and weapons the North Koreans produce…  With little electricity and infrastructure, it is a “dark” country literally…  

Blogging is cool, stealing images for your blog is UN cool!

In Google, check settings in image search, then filter your images by “Free to use, even commercially”

Internet Predators

Today we discussed internet predators- people trolling websites and blogs looking to “connect” with children…  Scary.

The PSA we watched was pretty powerful- the guy said “its what happens after we meet is when it gets interesting….”

I am trying to make my students aware that when they post and when they connect- all isn’t what it always appears to be…