Teacher Ratings…

There are professional evaluation policies and practices, then there are public evaluation forums like www.ratemyteacher.com.     What I hear little of is Peer Review…  I’d like to know what my TEAM MEMBERS think my strengths and weaknesses are… My best critic is the one who works with me on a DAILY basis not the one who sees me a few times a year… Don’t you think?


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  1. The model of “teacher walkthroughs” designed, implemented, and studied by Robert Marzano and Donald Kachur has a lot of value. In this model, peer teachers conduct walkthroughs and meet later to discuss what worked and what could be improved. They seek input from administrators in terms of improvement. ASCD offered a webinar by Donald Kachur on this research. The webinar is archived and available free on the ASCD website. The name of the webinar is “Walk-Throughs for Teachers Observing Peers.”

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