Last Telegram to be sent Next Month!

Last Telegram to be sent Next Month!

Thanks to eMail, cell phones and other technology, the last telegram to be sent will occur likely next month (July 13) according to the Christian Science Monitor and USA Today… Click this link to read more…


Finals Time

Last full day of classes yesterday… cleaning out my stuff, getting ready to give my Final Exam this morning…  I hope they’re ready and alert…  Without a late night Bruins game last night, I know I am!


US Supreme Court unanimously rules Human Genes cannot be patented! This is a huge story with far-reaching impact.   Imagine a company having property rights to manufactured genetic tissue or organs that have been transplanted into your body!  I would like to see a similar ruling hit Monsanto and Cargill: Look at GMO corn and wheat crops and the struggles and damage farmers are facing all over the world…  Search “Indian Farmer Suicide”

The American Civil Liberties Union praised the high court ruling as a victory. “Today, the court struck down a major barrier to patient care and medical innovation,” said Sandra Park of the ACLU, which represented the groups that brought the challenge. “Because of this ruling, patients will have greater access to genetic testing, and scientists can engage in research on these genes without fear of being sued.”

IOS 7 DAY 2:

My Observation:  Pretty neat interface…  I like the browser full screen effect, the new dynamic wallpaper etc…  that’s all Fluff– I really like the ability to “kill” my phone so people cant steal it and re activate it…  It worked in the car stereo business very well when anti theft codes were added to the head units.. Thefts dropped dramatically…   With some of the bugs (crashes) worked out, this will be a nice upgrade for most.


I’m playing with it on my 4S today…  Yes its not due out until Fall, but thats the perk of being a Geek with cool Geek friends…  Pretty stable (beta) and quite exiting!

Whistles, Snitches and Leaks…

“Deep Throat” (Deputy Director Felt) , Private Bradley Manning, Daniel Ellsberg, Mehdi Hashemi, Seymour Hersh and now Edward Snowden. Edward has joined the ranks of the famous or infamous…  One man’s belief in his right or duty to expose (or in some cases harm) others or their perceived misdoings can have HUGE implications…  IS blowing the whistle on Data Mining the same as exposing illegal arms trade or detainee abuse and torture?  Was it a bad decision to choose refuge -or asylum- in Hong Kong – a territory with an Extradition Treaty with the United States?  This is quite interesting…

Teacher Ratings…

There are professional evaluation policies and practices, then there are public evaluation forums like     What I hear little of is Peer Review…  I’d like to know what my TEAM MEMBERS think my strengths and weaknesses are… My best critic is the one who works with me on a DAILY basis not the one who sees me a few times a year… Don’t you think?